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peavey xr1212 12-channel powered mixer
If you're in charge of setting up full-scale sound in small- to medium-sized temporary locations, then the Peavey XR 1212 is a perfect powered mixer for you. First and foremost is the XR 1212's layout - a traditional mixing console format that's easy to operate for hours on end. But despite its less-compact form, the XR 1212 isn't unnecessarily bulky or heavy. In fact, thanks to revolutionary new Class D power amplifier technology, the XR 1212 weighs only about 22 lbs. What did Peavey leave out? Not a thing! Not only does the XR 1212 provide you with dual 600-watt outputs and a full 12 channels of input, but it also includes extra features and functions designed to make live mixing easier.

Each of the XR 1212's 12 channels includes a microphone preamp with an XLR input, and there are also stereo line-level inputs on the last two channels. That's easily enough input channels to handle a full-sized band. Dual monitor sends as well as an effects send with built-in effects all have their own dedicated faders, which makes on-the-fly adjustments a snap. The EQ section is where things get even cooler. Each of the XR 1212's mono channels (channels 1-10) features a 4-band EQ with Peavey's Mid-morph function. EQing the midrange is the bane of many live engineers, which is what makes Mid-morph an incredibly useful function. Instead of cutting or boosting one frequency range, Mid-morph does both, adjusting the ratio of the high mids to the low mids. Turn it clockwise (up) and vocals become much more intelligible; turn it counterclockwise (down) and you instantly tame the harshness from overheads, amps, and brass.

The XR 1212 also gives you a pair of 9-band graphic EQs. Even though you can make EQ adjustments manually, you're far from limited by your ears alone. Plug in an RTA microphone; you can instantly tune each amplifier to accommodate for the frequency response of the room. But that's not all. The XR 1212 also features Peavey's Feedback Ferret technology - a real lifesaver in just about any less-than-ideal environment. Plus, five different power amp modes (including a fully active subwoofer crossover) let you set up your system to best suit the room in the first place. Together, all of these great features mean you can leave behind your rack full of power amps, graphic EQs, crossovers, and feedback suppressors - the Peavey XR 1212 takes care of everything!
Peavey XR 1212 Powered Mixer Features at a Glance:

Console-style mixer with dual Class D amplifiers
12 XLR mic channels (2 with stereo line inputs - 1/4" on channel 11, RCA on channel 12)
Smooth 60mm faders
Each amplifier provides 600W program at 4 ohms (360W program at 8 ohms)
Feedback Ferret feedback suppressor onboard
A 4-band EQ, 2 monitor sends, and an effects send on each input channel
Mid-morph technology on mono input channels
Digital effects
5 power amp modes, including fully active subwoofer crossover
Dual 9-band graphic EQ (1/power amp) includes switchable Auto GEQ with dedicated RTA input
2 monitor sends
2 x 1/4" and Speakon combination connectors per amp
1/8" stereo auxiliary input
Dedicated effects return fader
Built-in rack ears
Ultra-lightweight design (only 22.05 lbs.)