Would you take less for that?

Feel free to make us an offer.  If the offer is reasonable, we will happily take less.

Can you ship overseas?

We are currently only shipping to locations in the United States, but we will sometimes make exceptions on an individual basis so feel free to contact us about it.

Will you ship a gun to me?

We are a licensed FFL gun dealer and do background checks for all gun purchases at our three locations in Bloomington and Bedford.  As we cannot complete this check over the phone or online, we can only ship to other licensed dealers so two signed copies of your local gunshop's FFL license must be mailed to our location prior to shipment along with payment in the form of a money order.

Are items online available for pickup in your stores?

All items available online both at AcePawnShop.com and our eBay auctions can be picked up at one of our three locations.  Most items are at our Downtown Bloomington location, but contact us to make sure and check hours prior to pickup.